01. Vision

Become the leading paint manufacturer in Vietnam.

02. Mission

The founders agree on the mission of setting up a business, whereby we will respect and remember our missions for the smallest decisions. Accordingly, we comply with:

- Thoroughly use domestic scientific resources and knowledge to produce international quality products.

- Utilize recycled, recycled materials in water to increase value for each product, as well as environmental protection.

03. Core values

We focus on developing the following areas of activity:

Production, distribution and execution of reflective paint, road paint, road paint, traffic paint nationwide and internationally.

Get production to supply products according to customers' orders.

Get exclusive distribution of paint products, road paint, road paint, traffic paint for the domestic market.

In the economic development of Vietnam, the demand for building materials will increase, especially those with high technology elements. The application of high technology in production will contribute to create quality products, meet international standards and reduce costs, improve the prestige of Vietnamese products in the international market.

Vmark was born in this situation.

The founders of Vmark wish to use the expertise of the scientific team combined with the ability to grasp the market to be able to produce products that meet the needs of customers. We aim to develop in the chemical and traffic safety industries with the goal of becoming a leading company in this industry.

Hotline: 0916.297.578